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DBC Naas Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

DBC – What is DBC?

In 1993 a group of Finnish experts set out to develop new, more effective methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for back and neck pain.  The result was DBC. Today DBC is a global success story that has improved the lives of thousands of people, from office workers to professional athletes.
DBC is now an international physiotherapy network with over 140 practices in 23 countries worldwide. DBC Ireland was established 12 years ago and has since expanded to three clinics- Naas, Ashleaf and UCD.

DBC stands for Documentation Based Care – in other words, our treatments have evidence to prove their effectiveness and we only used evidence based treatments.

Information collected from over 200,000 cases has been used to establish the DBC protocols for treatment. Our research is ongoing, allowing us to develop and refine our treatments for you.

Unique Systematic approach

DBC’s approach to physiotherapy is based on detailed documentation and unique systematic treatment methods and equipment for back and neck pain. While conventional physiotherapy often focuses on alleviating the symptoms, we aim to treat the underlying functional disabilities. Each patient case is carefully documented to help us develop even more effective treatment plans.

At DBC Naas we are committed to providing treatments and rehabilitation that are based in scientific research. Thus, as supported in scientific research, we take an active, exercise-based rehabilitation approach to your injury. Our active rehabilitation programs have been proven to provide relief of pain and long term recovery.

All our patients are comprehensively assessed by one of our Chartered Physiotherapists. In your initial assessment, objective measurements of your movement and strength are obtained using our DBC devices to provide us with a baseline. These objective measurements can be statistically used to analyse your progress.

The ability to monitor your progress with evidence is one of the ways that DBC provides you with a service that cannot be replicated elsewhere in Ireland.

Your Chartered Physiotherapist will then develop a rehabilitation program to suit your condition/injury. Using our purposely designed rehabilitative equipment we can isolate and load the specific body part in a controlled, pain free manner.

DBC International Website – www.dbc.fi

Two decades of evidence based physiotherapy

Over 20 years ago, a group of Finland’s most respected scientists and medical doctors came together to develop new and more effective methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. They commenced with an investigation into a means of accurately assessing physical injuries. They established a classification for each injury and then developed treatments highly specific to each injury. To this end a series of specialised medical devices were developed to assist in the assessment and treatment process. As well as utilising the DBC process for spinal rehabilitation, DBC Ireland has further specialised into sports medicine.

Download DBC Medical Background PDF.

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