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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Back ManipulationPhysiotherapy is the treatment of a wide range of conditions and injuries to the body through the use of various forms of passive mobilisation, massage, electrotherapy and exercise. Chartered Physiotherapists undergo university training in physiotherapy, following which they may choose to specialise in certain areas.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is the term used to describe the field of Physiotherapy, which relates to disorders of the musculoskeletal system i.e. muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, joints and nerves. These types of injuries can be caused as a results of many different types of activities and a though diagnoses will let us find the root cause of the problem.

.All of our team of physiotherapists have post-graduate training in specialist areas, including orthopaedics, sports injuries, back/neck pain and post-operative rehabilitation including post-joint replacement.

Our physiotherapists have Masters Degrees in specialist areas including Sports Medicine, Sports Science and Orthopaedic Medicine

Our treatments include manual therapies, electrotherapy, dry-needling, custom orthotics and rehabilitation in our state-of-the-art gym. We also provide a paediatric service.

Ankle Manipulation Hands-on therapy:

  • Mobilisation
  • Manipulation
  • Deep transverse friction
  • Soft-tissue massage


  • Ultrasound
  • Laser
  • Surface Electromyography
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulator (TENS)
  • Shock Wave Therapy

Other treatment therapies:

  • Hot packs
  • Ice packs
  • Strapping or splinting
  • Orthotics
  • Dry Needling
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Muscle & Joint Injuries

Manipulative therapy is used for joint injuries such as a sprained ankle or a painful back. The hands of the physiotherapist are used to mobilise (gently move) or manipulate (stronger movement) stiff or painful joints.

Muscle imbalance re-education - an assessment of muscle imbalance is undertaken followed by a program of exercises specific to the patient aimed at full recovery and prevention of further injuries. All parts of the body, including knees, back, neck, wrists and elbows can be treated in this way.

The treatment is focussed on the injured areas. Where appropriate a DBC programme may be recommended. Read more about DBC.

Early Treatment and Diagnoses can speed up Recovery

In most conditions early treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with physiotherapy treatment minimises pain, swelling and tissue damage, prevents stiffness and ensures a quicker return to sports, work and other activities. So it’s in your best interest to seek help as soon as you can to make sure you receive the right treatments as soon as possible.
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists assess the problem to find the origin of your pain to provide a solution and to prevent the problem reoccurring.

Find Out How Our Physiotherapy Treatments Can Help You

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